Monday, December 11

Laying down the law

My 4th grade mini-class just had the best test of their lives. I'm so proud of them.

At the same time, half of them are not doing their homework. A large part of the job of 4th and 5th grade teachers is to prepare kids for success in the future (ie. middle school, high school, etc.). I take that job seriously.

My kids are graded on homework AND test results. So, I explained to kids the way that grading works. And, showed them what happens to your grade when you don't do your homework.

When we take a test, they have to correct their test and turn it in again if they get below an 80. I added a new twist -- dentention if they don't bring their corrections in tomorrow. If they forget the test altogether . . . they have to redo it and take whatever grade they get on it the 2nd time.

Merry Christmas from Mindful Teacher!

I think they got it. Now if I could only give the same lecture to their parents.

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