Friday, December 8

Making a difference

I think it's really too early to tell but my 4th grade students took a test yesterday on multiplication. It wasn't a hard test by any means but it was really exciting for me because they all did well. I had all As, Bs, and Cs. No Ds or {ahem} below Ds. This is the third test they've taken and this is the first time I've seen this result.


Well, it's a small class. 10 students. I have a volunteer aide who helps in the class. I am able to monitor the student's behavior closely so that they are accountable. They can't hide, daydream, doodle, do other work, read, eat, etc. They have to pay attention. I also modify their tests -- not a lot -- this time I simply gave them visual clues as to what they were to do.

I honestly think the behavior/accountability piece is the biggest and most important piece.

Regardless, I'm so proud of these kids and of the difference we are apparantly making. It won't be easy -- I know there will be times when we seem to fall backwards but we are making a difference and it's a good thing! HURRAH!

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