Thursday, December 21

Thursday Thirteen (Vol. 6)

Thirteen Things Mindful Teacher Will Do On Winter Break
  1. Sleep in!
  2. Spend too much time with my kids.
  3. Entertain family and friends!
  4. Go to a New Year's Eve Party with friends I've known since High School.
  5. Clean my house from stem to stern.
  6. Make a fire in the fireplace, drink hot tea, and read a GOOD book.
  7. Take a walk everyday (rain or shine!).
  8. Take a picture everyday.
  9. Write poems.
  10. Finish an unfinished craft project.
  11. Spend time with my daughter sorting out her bead loom (as I have promised to do for more than a year!)
  12. Cook good food for my family everyday.
  13. Take advantage of at least one post-Christmas sale!
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