Thursday, December 14

Thursday Thirteen [Vol. 5]

Thirteen Things Mindful Teacher Wants for Christmas!
  1. A camera bag for my new camera.
  2. A lap desk for working in bed or on the couch.
  3. Dansko shoes -- best teacher shoes EVER!
  4. A pair of binoculars for bird watching.
  5. A Kitchenaid mixer in red!
  6. New sheets for the bed.
  7. Money for shopping for work clothes
  8. Funding for the big deal my husband has been working on for no pay for the last 3 years with no pay!
  9. Spa Day -- manicure, pedicure, massage, facial. HEAVEN!
  10. Julie Zickefoose's book "Letters from Eden"
  11. A Rat Terrier puppy
  12. A Roomba Vacuum Cleaner
  13. A full-time job at my school for next year!
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Le laquet said...

I would love a kitchenaid mixer ... red would be perfect!

Jennie said...

I hope you get that full time job! Good luck!